Ambassador for Crocky Trail 2015

In February we decided to select three bloggers to work closely with us throughout 2015. We wanted the ambassadors to let other families into the secret of how much fun can be had at Crocky Trail all year round.

To apply to be an ambassador you needed to publish a blog about your #perfectdayout. We wanted you to think wellies, outdoors, mud, bravery and excitement. We were so pleased with all of the entries we received. Here are some little snippets of what we received.


“Our Perfect Day Out Recipe”

What you need:

  • Hearty breakfast to start the day
  • Waterproofs galore.  (If you do not own wellies, you aren’t getting mucky enough)
  • A family full (the more people the better) of energy and adventure
  • The great outdoors
  • Activities to get your heart racing
  • Big hearty lunch
  • Adventures to feed your mind and imagination
  • Bath time
  • Glorious dessert
  • Cuddles and reflection of the day