bbq-advert-2Listening to feedback, you asked for something more than our pizza slices, hotdogs, and other snacks at Crocky Bites Shop onsite. SO…we’ve come up with something different!

 How about having your own family BBQ onsite?

Yep, you can do it! We will provide you with a disposable BBQ, and a quality meal for four, if you don’t burn it!

What is included in the BBQ package?

  • Four Burgers (Traditional Beef or Pork & Apple),
  • 8 Sausages,
  • 4 Meat Sticks
  • Bread rolls
  • Salad
  • Disposable BBQ.
  • Disposable plates, knifes and forks

All meat from Sheaf Farm (just around the corner) and made up to order. Sachets of sauce will also be available.

How much is it?

Price is £18.

 How do I get the BBQ package?

Obviously you need to order in advance, we can’t get it to you on the day, you’d be too hungry before it arrives!

So when you book your tickets online you just need to also add the BBQ package to your order. You need book online at least 24 hours before you are planning on visiting us. In other words, do not book a BBQ on Tues for Wed, or Thurs for Fri, there must be a day’s gap! It’s fresh, not frozen 🙂

Where can I use my disposable BBQ?

 A designated BBQ area is set aside for your family to enjoy your lunch.