Bear Grylls Urges Children To Get Outdoors

bear gryllsAdventurer and Chief Scout, Bear Grylls urges children to get outdoors and create their own adventures during these seemingly endless summer holidays.

The TV presenter has just launched a manifesto for children to encourage them to learn new skills and create their own adventures. He is hoping to encourage children to put down their computer games and tablets and explore the world around them.

“The summer holidays are a massive opportunity for fun, challenge and adventure. It’s a time when kids can get outdoors, build dens, learn skills, make friends and have the freedom to discover who they are. That’s why I’m challenging every child to accept my kids’ summer manifesto.

“Every child has the right to adventure. Nature is the world’s best adventure playground and it’s open to all.”

Bear Grylls’ Summer Manifesto for Children:

1. Spend a night under the stars – this can be in your own back garden or as part of a massive camp

2. Learn a new skill – whether it’s learning to ride a unicycle, play the ukulele or how to canoe

3. Do something for someone else – help a neighbour, your parents, siblings or relatives

4. Get fit – get into training for an adventure with some jogging, climbing or cycling

5. Build something – a den, a tree house, a go kart, a boat, you name it

6. Go on a wild adventure – on foot, on your bike, on the water or in the air!