The Crocky Horror Show 2016

Welcome to our new Crocky Horror Event for 2016. We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure this is our scariest and most fun ever Halloween event!

The full trail is closed this year. Instead we have a shortened, 600 yard creepy crawl through the woodland part of the the trail, packed with zombies and monsters for you to enjoy! You are free to enjoy this walk before or after surviving the Catacombs, and of course all the usual rides and attractions are open. Plus regular shows by Ken and his Wall of Death bikes.

In addition to the Crocky Dungeon this year we have the catacombs. It’s around four times bigger than the dungeon. What is it? Well, imagine the usual walk through a haunted house, dark, claustrophobic, creaky and creepy. Add to that Live Actors dressed as ghouls, skeletons, zombies, and monsters, who’s sole purpose is to creep up on you, and, err… you get the idea. It’s brand new for 2016 and still evolving, so we can’t say much more, but you get the idea I’m sure. Or nightmare!

Thursday  27th October (no fireworks)

Full access £11                                 Adult restricted £9

Fri 28th, Sat 29th (fireworks both nights) and Mon 31st October (no fireworks)

Full access £14                                 Adult restricted £12

Thur 3rd November (no fireworks)

Full access £11                                 Adult restricted £9

Fri 4th, Sat 5th November (fireworks both nights)

Full access £15                                 Adult restricted £13