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The Flying Saucer

Can you reach the peak and hang on as it spins you around? It’s not as easy as you might think! Do you think this a task for you to take on?

Giant slides

Giant Slides

Are you brave enough to tackle our vertical slides, feel the rush of your life as the adrenaline pumps through your body! Be sure to grab a Matt if you dare to go faster…



Race to the top of the titanic and claim your seat before it begins to rise to the tip top of the roof, remember don’t be the first to lose grip, hold on tight, it could be a bumpy ride…

Barrel ride


Enter the rotating barrel as it tumbles you around as you try and escape. It’s tougher than you might think!


Barrel Run

Are you tough enough to survive the Barrel Run? Run the gauntlet and see if you can make it through to the other side…

Crocky Trail Slides

Small Slides

Not quite the scariest slides we have, but still something to take your breath away!


Are you tough enough to survive the Gladiator? Run the gauntlet and see if you can make it through to the other side…

It’s a knockout!

Prepare yourself for the thrill of award winning, family fun!

We are open from 10 in the morning, and you can stay all day until 4.30pm, (slightly earlier in winter on dark days).

As you arrive at the Crocky Trail you’ll be met by a series of gravity defying scary slides as well as the wheels of wonder including the spider trap and spinning disk.

Try your luck, warm up and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Fired up and ready to go, you’ll then make your way along the mile long Crocky Trail, which winds its way through fields and trees passing over the Crocky stream.

There are loads of different ways you’ll be able to cross the Crocky stream including the scary wobbly bridge, swinging chain bridge and fallen log – watch out, take care or may just end up falling in with an almighty splash!

As you work your way back to the start there will be the opportunity to grab a snack and drink in the Crocky shop and refuel after your day of fun.

Please note that outside of school holidays on weekdays there’s no hot food. The shop is is open for hot and cold drinks, crisps, chocolate, and so on, our light bites area is closed.

You’re much better off bringing along a picnic and stop off and enjoy a well earned rest at one of our many picnic areas. There’s also a Harvester on the way back to the M53.

Please remember to wear adequate footwear. Open-toed shoes such as sandals are not a good idea! Find out more about what to wear when you visit the Crocky Trail

Are you brave enough to take on the challenge and come of age at the Crocky Trail?

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