Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that we hear.

Q. Can we bring the dog with us?
A. Sure, but kept on a lead at all times. And clean up after your dog please.

Q. Do you open in bad weather?
A. When it comes to rainy days, we remain open! The only time we won’t open is in particularly bad snow or in violent storms, but we always post closure information on the website and across social media in such cases.
I should stress closure is extremely rare, but if you are unsure, then why not ask one of our friendly Twitter team
here, find us on facebook, or give us a call on 01244 336084 to double check.

Q. How long does it take to go round the Trail?
A.There are two parts to the Crocky, The Trail and the Park rides. Most people spend between one and a half and two hours on each. We advise people to allow for around four hours.

Q. Is there public transport from Chester?
A. Yes, the 41, 41A and 41B buses from Chester railway station to Waverton Village then a 10 minute walk.

Q. Are there any changing rooms?
A. Yes, changing rooms are available at the Crocky Trail.

Q. What time do the gates close?
A. The entrance gates are locked at 5:20pm,  5pm in winter. Last admission to the Crocky Trail is 3pm at this time of year. Rides last call 4:45pm.

Q. Is The Crocky Trail suitable for very young children?
A. Clearly some rides are not suitable, however there is a great variety of attractions at the Crocky that are perfect for the younger kids. Under 5s are free entry anyway, so there’s nothing to lose!

Q. What footwear should I wear?
A. Footwear with a good grip is necessary and footwear with ankle support is advised for older visitors (ie walking boots). Do remember that our English summers can be wet, so a change of clothing (and footwear) is a great idea. You can find more about what to wear in our blog article here. Don’t wear sandals or any open-toed footwear.

Q. Do I need to pay if I’m only watching?
A.Our policy offers restricted access to over 20s, called “Adult Trail Pass”; The Trail itself i.e. the mile long walk with activities is open to all. Children have to purchase full access.
In the park area restricted rides are: Spinning Wheel, Zombie Trap, Surf Rider, Barrel Roll, Titanic, Skipper, Flying Saucer, Super Bowl, Gladiator, Climbing Wall and Tight Rope. You need an “Adult Trail Plus Pass” to access some of these; but bear in mind the Skipper, the Superbowl, and the Foam Pit Slide are children only.

However with your cheaper Adult Trail Pass you will still be able to use: The Vertical Roundabout, all Slides, Small Hamster Wheel, See Saw, Magic Roundabout, The Bowling Alley, Basket Ball Game, Various Golf Ball games, Laser Room and the activities on the Trail.

Adult Trail tickets with restricted access are only £9.

Adult Trail Plus Passes are £14. But please bear in mind on the restricted rides you must give priority to the kids, and 3 rides are totally excluded for adults.

The Trail has been devised with varying degrees of participation in mind and if members in your party want to stroll around the trail and avoid the obstacles, they can do. Likewise there are plenty of areas to sit down and relax.
Q. Is the Crocky Trail suitable for school parties?
A. Yes, we get loads of groups (big and small) from schools. Please get in touch with us here for more information.

Q. Do we have to book before we arrive?
A. You do not need to pre-book, however, you might like to arrange to book and pay before you arrive if that is more convenient for you. And you may get in and park quicker. There are also many discounts and deals available throughout the year only available online. These are not usable on the gate, ever. You can book your tickets online here.

Q. How much is The Crocky Trail?
A. Admission to The Crocky Trail is £13 per child pass, £9 per adult plus pass, £14 per adult plus pass, and £7 per concession, but under 5’s can go free and there are discounts for groups. Find out more about our admission prices here.

Q. Is there car parking available?
A. Yes, we have a large car park which is completely free for all visitors. The car park is conveniently located right beside the start of the trail, and it’s easy to access the car park should you wish to return to your car for anything. (Picnic for example, change of clothes, hot flask!)

Q. When are you open?
A. We are open every day from Easter through to Halloween and weekends and school holidays throughout winter.
If you are at all unsure, ask one of our friendly social media team, or give us a call to check. You can find out more opening information here.


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