What can you do?

Going green is easier than you think!

You can do little things everyday to help reduce Greenhouse Gases and make a less harmful impact on the environment. You can do your part by just changing a few of your daily habits.

“What can i do?” you ask. Have a look at some ideas here so that you can make your difference!!

Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use.

If you aren’t using it then turn it off! This goes for lights, televisions, computers, etc.

Unplug devices when possible.

When an appliance is plugged in, even if it is switched off, it may still use power because the applications on the electronics will constantly use electricity.

Trade in your dryer for a good old-fashioned clothesline.

Tumble dryers are among the biggest energy users in most households, after the refrigerator. Air drying leaves your clothes smelling fresh and is environmentally friendly.

Use a warm blanket or sweater in winter.

Bundle yourself up and lower your thermostat by a few degrees to stop additional energy output, plus this could also save you pennies on your gas bill!

Conserve water in the home.

Make conscious choices to lower your consumption of water. For example; take shorter showers, turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, wash full loads of laundry, and there are many more.

Recycle all you can.

This speaks for itself. It is getting easier and easier to recycle properly now-a-days, in the home and at recycling centers. Lets make the most of it!

Use only as much toilet paper as you need.

Don’t unwind a mile of toilet roll for one little wipe. Be reasonable.,

Walk, bike or use public transport for local trips.

Short trips are generally the hardest on your car and the environment so swap your car for your feet or bike.

Donate or share usable household items.

Instead of throwing away items, consider giving them away. Donate usable clothes and household items to charity.

If we each do our little bit then we can all make a huge difference overall!