Hot Sunny Day Tips At The Crocky Trail

imagesWow!! What amazing weather we are having recently!

We’ve put together a few tips to help you get the most out of visiting The Crocky Trail when the sun is shining and the temperatures soar.



Sun cream is a must

Even on cloudy, cooler days, UV levels can still be high which can still lead to burnt skin. It’s easy to get carried away, what with all the fun you can have here, so it’s important to remember to pop on sun cream when you arrive and to reapply it throughout the day. Most supermarkets do handy little pocket size sun creams, ideal for a day out. You don’t need to carry it around with you all day though, you can keep it in the car and just pop back to the car park when needed.

Wear a sun hat

Sun hats and caps are a great way of helping the kids to stay cool and keep the sun out of their eyes and off their faces, decreasing the chances of them burning in the sunshine.

Drink lots!

When kids (and grown ups!) are running around the trail, they will get thirsty. On a hot day, dehydration is even more likely as you sweat more, so make sure you bring along plenty of drinks. Even better, freeze some juice the night before and it will slowly thaw throughout the day, but will remain ice cold and so lovely and refreshing!

Take breaks

With so much to see and do, little ones can easily get worn out, so take time to make sure you have a few regular rest stops. Having a long leisurely picnic lunch is a great way of having a rest and if you use one of our covered picnic areas, you’ll have some shade from the sun, and a good chance to cool down too!

Say no to flip flops and sandals

Even if it’s red hot, flip flops are not the best idea for the Crocky Trail! Open sandals or light slip on shoes aren’t practical and will mean you’ll spend more time trying to keep them on than getting on with the fun. Even in summer a pair of grippy trainers, sturdy pumps or walking boots are highly recommended.

Dress in layers

A strappy vest top might be tempting, but it means shoulders, arms and chests will be more likely to burn. It’s a good idea to wear a loose fitting tshirt or shirt as this will allow air to circulate whilst protecting you from burning.