Terms & Conditions

  • I certify that I and any child(red)I am signing for, do not have any medical condition (including pregnancy) which might make it more likely that I/he/she/they be involved in an incident which could result in injury to myself/him/her/themselves or others. If in doubt, please check with the child’s parent or guardian.
  • I understand and accept that not all rides are appropriate for all people and that I may be refused access should a ride not be suitable to my physical condition or size (and that this would only justify a refund of the full access ticket price difference if you were with held entry to three or more rides)
  • I understand that the natural environment may involve trip or slip hazards and I do not hold the the Crocky Trail liable should injury occur due to the natural environment.
  • I do not hold the Crocky Trail responsible for any injury caused by the inappropriate behaviour of third parties.
  • I confirm that if I am not the parent/legal guardian of the child(ren) I have authority from the child(red)’s parent or guardian to sign this consent form.
  • I confirm that I am not under the influence of drink or drugs.