The Crocky Trail: What To Expect

It’s fun, it’s outdoorsy and it’s active but don’t think that means you can only visit the Crocky Trail if the sun isn’t shining! Despite being outdoors, the trail and the many attractions and rides are fun, whatever the weather, just bring wellies and a waterproof if it looks like rain.

At the Crocky Trail there is so much to do!


Crocky Trail Guide


The start zone is an area packed full of fun attractions and rides and includes ample seating areas for picnics or just to sit and enjoy the beautiful Cheshire countryside from. The trail is approximately a mile long and is packed full of fun obstacles, from tricky stream crossings using wibbly, wobbly bridges, to mazes and swings – how long can you avoid the Crocs for?

crocky-trail4For those not so keen on being active, there’s an easy route around the course which means you can still keep an eye on the kids and join in the fun, but you won’t have to worry about negotiating any of the more challenging obstacles.

A change of clothes, whatever the weather is a great idea, and don’t forget your camera! We’ve got free on site parking, and Crocky Bites is open for food and drink. The Crocky Trail has lots of chairs and benches (many of which are covered), as well as open fields in which you enjoy a picnic in, we’re happy for you to bring your own food with you if you’d prefer to.

crocky-trail-pics-9Some of our large mechanical rides, like The Titanic (how long can you hold on?) and The Superbowl (will you be the one to tap the bucket?) aren’t available to adults on a restricted ticket, but if you want to get stuck in with the kids on our 8 mechanical rides, make sure you go for the full access ticket.

The Crocky Trail is a brilliant family day out, providing good old fashioned fun for children and adults alike. So this summer when you’ve run out of ideas and the kids are starting to look bored, visit the Crocky Trail, for the ultimate summer boredom buster!

You can book your tickets online or find out where we are.