Looking for Family Days out in Chester? Visit the Crocky Trail!

The Crocky Trail will give you and your family one of the best family days out in Chester that they’ll ever have! The trail itself is a mile long and along the way there are bridges, rope swings, stepping stones, slides and all sorts of fantastic attractions to divert your attention as you make progress along the trail.

An action packed family fun day out, whatever the weather!

One of the great things about the trail is that although it is an outdoor trail there is lots of fun to be had even when the weather isn’t perfect!  In fact, in a recent survey we ran on Facebook, most people said that they preferred visiting the Trail on a drizzly day rather than a bright sunny day.

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Looking for family days out in Cheshire? You got it!

If you’ve never visited before, think of it as an massive adventure playground, that the whole family can enjoy, packed full of attractions that are definitely adult sized! Guests, whether old or young, will find plenty to keep them entertained on their day out enjoying the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

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Why is the Crocky Trail so much fun? We think it’s because of the mud. I’ve yet to meet a child that doesn’t take an immense amount of pleasure in getting good and muddy and at the Crocky Trail your children will have muddy good fun! Of course traipsing mud into the car and wet bums on the way home is no fun for anyone, so make sure that before you come, you check out the guide that we’ve written on what to wear and how to get the most out of your day here at the Crocky Trail.


The adventure day out in Chester that’s not just for the kids!

The Croocky Trail is guaranteed to get the adrenaline going, from teetering on narrow rope bridges to daring giant slides and rope swings across a stream, there are plenty of things for adults to do at the Crocky Trail too, so even if you don’t have kids, it still makes a great fun day out!

You can also bring your canine friends, but please ensure they are kept on a lead as you walk the trail and have fun on the various attractions and obstacles that you’ll meet along the way.

Take a look here for admission information or find out more about us here.

Planning Your Family Fun Day Out

One of the most common questions that we get asked by our visitors, is what to wear and bring with them when they visit the Crocky Trail.

We’ve put this guide together to help answer that question and to give you some pointers and advice to make sure you get the most out of your day here with us.

We want to make sure that you and your children have the best day possible, so following some of the pointers below will help you to do just that!

What to wearWhat to wear

We actually think the Crocky Trail is even more fun on slightly drizzly days and children tend to love these kinds of days too.  Why?  It means mud, and mud means getting gloriously mucky which is something that appeals to both boys and girls so If you visit the trail with the mindset of enjoying muddy good fun, you won’t go far wrong!  We understand however that getting wet and muddy when it’s cold is no fun, and we are certain you’d prefer your cars not to be covered in mud once everyone gets in to return home so our handy tips below will help.

What Should We Wear/Bring With Us?

TOP TIP 1: Bring a change of clothes, particularly if it’s a wet and chilly day.  You can get changed after you’ve done the trail and be warm and snug for your journey home.
TOP TIP 2:  Bring carrier bags that you can leave in the boot – once you’ve finished the trail you can get changed and pop your wet or muddy clothes and shoes in the bags, helping to keep your car nice and tidy.

Warm, sunny or dry days


  • Sun hats
  • Sun screen
  • Plenty to drink (though you can purchase drinks easily on site)
  • Layer clothing so if it gets warm they can take a layer off
  • Change of clothes – even on sunny days the trail can be muddy


Wet or colder days


  • Change of clothes and footwear – you will get muddy so a change of clothing and footwear will ensure you can travel home in comfort
  • Carrier bag(s) to leave in the boot
  • Waterproof outer layer like a cagoule or ski jacket
  • Popping a blanket in the car for little ones means if they get very cold, once back in the car for the journey home you can wrap them up and keep them snuggly and warm


Ideal Crocky Trail clothing


  • Wellington boots are highly recommended for wet days, but good walking boots are fine and failing that, trainers will be ok but best for dry, sunny days!
  • Jeans or leggings – anything that’s easy to move in, skirts are best avoided
  • T-shirt
  • Hoody, fleece, cardigan or jumper that can be easily removed if it’s warm
  • Waterproof outer layer like a cagoule or ski jacket

Dressing in layers is a great idea, as it means you can adapt your clothing to the weather conditions, taking a layer off if you are warm or have got it muddy and are about to start  your journey home.  Don’t forget to bring your camera or camera phone with you and also make sure you either bring a packed lunch or picnic or have some cash on you to buy refreshments form the various vendors at the Trail.

Now all you need to do is get set to have an active, outdoorsy, great day out!

For admission information click here or find us here.