Children’s Birthday Parties In Chester

The Crocky Trail is the ideal place to hold a children’s Birthday party. Located close to Chester we’ve got plenty of space for your kids to let of steam and have fun!

Let’s face it, when it comes to party time kids are often giddy with excitement and bouncing off the walls! With so much enthusiasm and energy bubbling away, you’ll find that a party at the Crocky Trail is an excellent way letting them use up some of that energy.

Looking For A Children’s Party Venue in Chester?

Our parties are ideal for adventure loving and outdoorsy children and one thing is for certain, all of your guests will enjoy an unforgettable day!

Childrens birthday party venues Chester

We offer group discounts for groups of 10 or more and you can even bring your own picnic lunch and party cake with you. If it’s dry and sunny there are plenty of lovely outdoor picnic areas for you to choose from, but if it’s not a perfect day weather wise, no need to worry, we’ve got plenty of shelters and indoor areas for you to enjoy your party lunch.

Party Game Ideas

  • Topsy Turvey prize – the slowest person to complete a challenge wins!
  • Tag Team – split the children up into small teams and have each child complete a challenge with a prize to the fastest team
  • Muddy Pants – Award the child who manages to get themselves the muddiest (or if you are taking them home afterwards, you might want to award the cleanest!)
  • Crocky Treasure Hunt – Set the children a task to count the number of crocodiles they see as they complete the trail
  • Who’s The Fastest – Who can climb to the top or whiz down the slide fastest?

Hassle Free Children’s Parties

If you’d like us to do it all for you, simply give us a call on Tel: 01244 336161 to discuss your requirements and we’ll put together your own custom party package. Depending on the age of your child and your guests, we can choose party games that will have them screaming, giggling and best of all, smiling their little heads off.

Get in touch with us here or find out more about our Kids Parties here.