Summer Holiday Fun At The Crocky Trail Chester

School’s out for summer, so now is the perfect time to head to the Crocky Trail where family fun is most definitely IN!

Crocky Trail Summer Holidays

Fill their school holidays with fun memories that they’ll talk about and remember all summer. You can book tickets online or pay on the gate and don’t forget that under 5’s go FREE and discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.

If you are heading to The Crocky Trail for the first time and are looking for some tips on getting the most out of your day out, take a look at our article here.

Don’t forget the suncream and see you on the trail sometime soon!

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15 Tips For Family Summer Camping Holidays

With the summer holidays here, thousands of us Brits will be heading off on holiday over the next few weeks for a much needed break. Research by Travel Supermarket reports that a whopping 28% of us take our holidays during July and August, with 42% of all holiday makers citing the cost of their holiday as the most important factor.

camping with kids tips

Family holidays can be expensive, especially during the summer holidays when prices sky rocket, so it’s no wonder that ‘staycations’ have become so popular. A staycation is basically a holiday here in the UK, and having a break closer to home has a lot of benefits. They can often work out cheaper than package deals and there are no flight delays or passports to worry about! With staycations being so popular these days, camping is an option that lots of families are turning to.

Love nature and the outdoors? Camping here in the UK
could give provide you with the perfect family summer holiday!

Camping is relatively cheap and it gives you lots of freedom, making it ideal for families. There are thousands of campsites and holiday parks throughout the UK, many of which are heavily geared towards families and have excellent facilities for children.

No matter what campsite or holiday park you choose, if you are camping for the first time, it can be daunting! Luckily one of the team here at The Crocky Trail is an old hand, and a self confessed camping fanatic, so we’ve roped her in to provide her top tips for a family camping trip.

15 Family campng tips

15 Tips For Family Camping Holidays

  1. If you are staying for anything more than a night or two, buy a tent that you can stand up in. Being able to stand up makes the whole experience more comfortable and is crucial when it comes to happy family camping.

  2. Choose a tent that has got separate compartments inside. Kids like to have their own little sleeping pods and this provides mum and dad with a little bit of privacy too.

  3. Always buy a tent that sleeps more people than it is intended for, for example, if you are a family of 4, go for a 6 man tent. The extra room will come in handy and means you won’t be on top of each other.

  4. If you have very young children, make sure you choose a tent with dark sleeping compartments, otherwise they will be up at the crack of dawn!

  5. Let each child choose one of their favourite teddies or dolls to take with them – if they have never camped before the familiarity will help to ground them.

  6. Tent quality and prices vary greatly, for mid range tents Gelert and Vango are usually a safe bet but in general, you get what you pay for.

  7. Even in summer it can be cold at night, make sure you have decent sleeping bags and take extra blankets too as little ones can get chilly at night.

  8. With so much outside space to run around in, kids often get over excited. Make sure you have a good first aid kit with you.

  9. Try and go to an outdoor shop or tent sale to see the tent that you intend to buy in the flesh before you order it online. This helps you get a much better feel for not only the size of the tent, but the way the internal space is configured.

  10. Consider investing in camp chairs and folding furniture and storage. This really does help to make life easier and more comfortable.

  11. Take along solar powered stake lights to place at the entrance to  your tent or to mark guy ropes – this will help you to find your tent at night and will avoid trips over pesky guy ropes.

  12. Take wash bags along for each family member, unless you are in a caravan or have your own wash facilities, you’ll be traipsing to and from communal facilities.

  13. Consider investing in some identity bands that the children can wear with your emergency contact details on, should they become lost when out playing.

  14. Take along some family games – if you have room, swingball and a football always go down well, and also think about taking a family board game or two as these are ideal for rainy days.

  15. Put together a camping activity set for each child. Include things like scavenger hunts, reading books, colouring pencils, sketch books and so on.

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