Building Confidence at The Crocky Trail

A grandma has decided to keep an online blog to preserve her memories and adventures with her grandson and we feel privileged that a day out at The Crocky Trail has been included in these memories.

We wanted to share this with you.

We planned to go to the The Crocky Trail,  but I was  put off by a few reviews based on your ages. You’re both too young for a lot of the rides.

I emailed The Crocky Trail for advice to see if an adventurous 2 year old and a timid 4 year old,  would be able to partake in some  of the activities around the course and was reassured that the trail would be fun,  even without the rides.  I completely understand their policy on ages/height restrictions due to  the safety of everyone involved.

Grandad and I bought the restricted tickets @ £9 each and under 5’s are free.

First you both went on the big slide,  and Grandad enjoyed it with you.Then you tried the bouncy circle and both enjoyed running round.   The other rides were a little too busy,  so  we  set off on the trail,  over the first crocodile bridge.

It was the best thing ever,  for building Harry’s confidence,  after he saw you going over the bridges he wanted to try and was so proud of himself,  saying he’s “now brave like Grandad and Jacob”,  which was lovely to hear.  We kept telling him how clever and brave he was.

The trail seems to have a choice of two paths.  One  at the  side of the river or  one that keeps crossing the river by different styles of bridges,   I  couldn’t get photos of all of the bridges and paths as I was too busy trying to keep my balance and watching you two!

At the end of the trail there is a picnic and barbecue area with a few food shops.   Next time I think we  will order one of their barbecue packs.

It  was  a lovely morning and you both enjoyed it with your laughs and giggles on the way round.

Yes we will be going back, and  when you’re both older,  you’ll be able to go on the other rides.

Would I recommend the place for an adventurous 2 yr old or a timid 4 year old.   DEFINITELY ???
The Crocky Trail builds confidence,  and is a great outdoor activity centre.

New Annual Passes Are Launched…

hand-passWe have some exciting news! We have now launched our annual passes and they are available to buy online today! You can now enjoy as many visits as you like to Crocky Trail for 12 months.

How do I get one?

Annual passes are now available to buy online from our website. There are only single passes available as each pass must contain photo ID – during the buying process you will need to upload your passport/work/school ID picture.

How much is it?

For full access adult and child passes it is only £45 each. For restricted access passes it is just £31.

Who would benefit from a Crocky Trail annual pass?

Anyone who visits more than 3 times a year – and that’s a lot of people. The pass will start paying for itself after your third visit.

How long is a pass valid for?

Passes last for 12 months from the start date you choose when ordering.


Competition Time

To celebrate the launch, we thought we’d give a few away to our Facebook followers. Each day we are going to post a random picture of people having fun at the Trail and all you have to do to enter is simply like and share the pic.

Each day we’ll choose someone at random to give away a free pass (worth £45) to. Its that simple! Have a look here.

Are Children Missing Out On Traditional Outdoor Activities?

Tips for keeping cool when its hotWith the Easter Holidays upon us, should we be encouraging our children to get closer to nature and enjoy the activities that can be done in the great outdoors?

Research shows that traditional outdoor activities such as climbing trees, playing in the mud and making daisy chains are becoming a thing of the past as children instead spend their time playing computer games, watching TV or just hanging out with friends.

In a recent study it shockingly showed that two thirds of today’s children had never made a daisy chain and more then 40% had never squelched through mud. Animal spotting is also becoming less popular with many children saying they have never looked for birds and just 35% have gone searching for insects.

The average child spends just 5 hours a week playing outside, less than half the 11 hours their parents’ generation enjoyed. This demonstrates that youngsters are missing out getting dirty in the mud and puddles or simply spending time in the fresh air. Plenty of research has shown that children exposed to nature perform better at school.

These traditional activities can be a great way of encouraging children to spend more time outdoors, get more exercise and create more memories then they will get from simply sitting in front of a computer or TV screen.