The Crocky Trail Builds Confidence

A grandma has decided to keep an online blog to preserve her memories and adventures with her grandson and we feel privileged that a day out at The Crocky Trail has been included in these memories.

We wanted to share this with you.

crocky 4We planned to go to the The Crocky Trail,  but I was  put off by a few reviews based on your ages. You’re both too young for a lot of the rides.

I emailed The Crocky Trail for advice to see if an adventurous 2 year old and a timid 4 year old,  would be able to partake in some  of the activities around the course and was reassured that the trail would be fun,  even without the rides.  I completely understand their policy on ages/height restrictions due to  the safety of everyone involved.

Grandad and I bought the restricted tickets @ £9 each and under 5’s are free.

crockyFirst you both went on the big slide,  and Grandad enjoyed it with you.Then you tried the bouncy circle and both enjoyed running round.   The other rides were a little too busy,  so  we  set off on the trail,  over the first crocodile bridge.

It was the best thing ever,  for building Harry’s confidence,  after he saw you going over the bridges he wanted to try and was so proud of himself,  saying he’s “now brave like Grandad and Jacob”,  which was lovely to hear.  We kept telling him how clever and brave he was.

The trail seems to have a choice of two paths.  One  at the  side of the river or  one that keeps crossing the river by different styles of bridges,   I  couldn’t get photos of all of the bridges and paths as I was too busy trying to keep my balance and watching you two!

At the end of the trail there is a picnic and barbecue area with a few food shops.   Next time I think we  will order one of their barbecue packs.

It  was  a lovely morning and you both enjoyed it with your laughs and giggles on the way round.

Yes we will be going back, and  when you’re both older,  you’ll be able to go on the other rides.

Would I recommend the place for an adventurous 2 yr old or a timid 4 year old.   DEFINITELY ???
The Crocky Trail builds confidence,  and is a great outdoor activity centre.

Great For Some Good Old Fashioned Fun

We have had a brilliant blog written and posted on Mummy Fever. We thought that we’d share it with you:

braveHaving looked at the website this looked right up the big kids street as they are very adventurous and not afraid to get wet and muddy. It is a good job as well, as although it was July it was actually more like November and they wore their ski jackets for a large part of the day.

This is the kind of place though where although you are outside, it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing and if i’m honest the horrific weather that day just added to the excitement and adventure. For anyone not taking part, there are places to shelter so just make sure you have your wellies and waterproof to hand and you’ll be fine.

The Crocky Trail provides kids with good old fashioned fun and allows them to play in a way that many children simply do not have the opportunity to do so today.

quoteWe loved the Crocky Trail – the children were able to challenge themselves and push their limits. The skipping challenge was a big favourite as were the slides. The highest slide was the first thing the children headed for on arrival but only one of them was able to complete it. My second eldest came back down the steps as he felt it was too high for him. As his confidence built during the day though he was determined to give it another go and came down it three times before we left. A quote from Winnie the Pooh is what springs to mind after our visit.


What they have spot on:

  • Superb value for money – you can stay all day for your entry price
  • You can walk around at your own pace
  • Great for adventure
  • Great for challenging yourself and your children
  • Great for some good old fashioned fun getting wet and muddy
  • Changing rooms available
  • Lots of picnic areas – covered and open air, plenty of options
  • Still open in wet weather – just take wellies and waterproofs
  • Covered seating areas if spectators wish to shelter from bad weather
  • First aid centre available
  • Parents and children can join in together – a great family activity
  • Perfect for 5 years plus I would say
  • Set in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside
  • Friendly staff and plenty of them around
  • Lots of bins and recycling points
  • Free parking for the duration of your visit

To read the full blog click here.

Ideas To Occupy The Kids During The Holidays

Tips for keeping cool when its hotAs much as we love our kids, when they are off school for long periods of time, they can get frustrated, bored and have a habit of getting under your feet.

And even though the summer holidays provide a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together, once you are a few weeks in it can be a completely different story.


Here are some handy ideas to help you get them out from in front of the TV, and doing something fun and crafty instead!


1. Something Yummy

You can’t go wrong with baking and I’m yet to find a child that doesn’t enjoy getting involved with cooking and especially cake baking!

If you are after something simple and no fuss, you could go with chocolate Rice Crispie cakes, but you can’t beat baking cupcakes from scratch and then letting your child decorate them. They are unlikely to look pretty, but your child will be immensely proud and get’s the added benefit of getting to eat something yummy as a reward for all of their hard work!

Baking with children recipes from the BBC.


2. Local Landmarks & Attractions

You don’t have to travel far to do this but taking advantage of what’s on your door step is a great way of both entertaining and educating the kids at the same time. Kids love ruins and castles, take a picnic with you – you can make a day trip of it.

If you’d prefer not to have to spend any money on entrance fee’s, which lets face it can soon mount up; look to your local library, museum or gallery. Many will have special events on for children and many also offer free entry, making them the ideal way to entertain your kids and give them a taste of culture at the same time.


3. Scavenger Hunt

This idea takes a little bit of planning, but can provide hours of fun for your kids. A scavenger hunt typically involves a list of things that they will need to find, in order to tick it off their list.

Suitable scavenger hunt items could be anything from finding any fallen leaf through to a twig from a certain tree or a petal from a specific flower. If it’s a rainy day, then simply create a list of household objects that they need to go and find instead, though an outdoors scavenger hunt is always much more fun.

If you don’t fancy creating your own list, then why not download the Crocky Trail woodland walk scavenger hunt here.


4. Set A Learning Challenge

Challenge your child to learn something new during the holidays. This usually works better for slightly older children of say 8+ but it does apply to younger children too. For example, you could challenge your 4 year old to learn to ride their bike without stabilisers, encouraging them to practice regularly. Your child might show an interest in languages, certain crafting techniques, creative writing.


5. Craft Project

Crafting is a great way of letting your kids be creative and means they can let their imaginations run free. When it comes to craft projects there are so many options, that you’ll need to start by narrowing it down a bit. What time of year is it? Thinking of something seasonal is a great way to help you come up with craft themes, from which you can develop more specific ideas.

Easter and Christmas provide obvious sources of crafting inspiration, but if there are no obvious events coming up, turn your thoughts to the seasons. Now for example, is a great time to be thinking about summer so you could get your little ones to create some summery paper bunting or paper chains. They are SO easy to do and the results are fantastic!

For lots more children’s craft ideas, check out Pinterest here.


Woodland Scavenger Hunt

2015-08-11 21.26.46Stuck what to do in the summer holidays with the children?

A scavenger hunt can provide hours of fun for your kids. It typically involves a list of things that they will need to find, in order to tick it off their list.

Suitable scavenger hunt items could be anything from finding any fallen leaf through to a twig from a certain tree or a petal from a specific flower. If it’s a rainy day, then simply create a list of household objects that they need to go and find instead, though an outdoors scavenger hunt is always much more fun.

If you don’t fancy creating your own list, then why not download the Crocky Trail woodland walk scavenger hunt here.

Bear Grylls Urges Children To Get Outdoors

bear gryllsAdventurer and Chief Scout, Bear Grylls urges children to get outdoors and create their own adventures during these seemingly endless summer holidays.

The TV presenter has just launched a manifesto for children to encourage them to learn new skills and create their own adventures. He is hoping to encourage children to put down their computer games and tablets and explore the world around them.

“The summer holidays are a massive opportunity for fun, challenge and adventure. It’s a time when kids can get outdoors, build dens, learn skills, make friends and have the freedom to discover who they are. That’s why I’m challenging every child to accept my kids’ summer manifesto.

“Every child has the right to adventure. Nature is the world’s best adventure playground and it’s open to all.”

Bear Grylls’ Summer Manifesto for Children:

1. Spend a night under the stars – this can be in your own back garden or as part of a massive camp

2. Learn a new skill – whether it’s learning to ride a unicycle, play the ukulele or how to canoe

3. Do something for someone else – help a neighbour, your parents, siblings or relatives

4. Get fit – get into training for an adventure with some jogging, climbing or cycling

5. Build something – a den, a tree house, a go kart, a boat, you name it

6. Go on a wild adventure – on foot, on your bike, on the water or in the air!

The Crocky Trail: What To Expect

It’s fun, it’s outdoorsy and it’s active but don’t think that means you can only visit the Crocky Trail if the sun isn’t shining! Despite being outdoors, the trail and the many attractions and rides are fun, whatever the weather, just bring wellies and a waterproof if it looks like rain.

At the Crocky Trail there is so much to do!


Crocky Trail Guide


The start zone is an area packed full of fun attractions and rides and includes ample seating areas for picnics or just to sit and enjoy the beautiful Cheshire countryside from. The trail is approximately a mile long and is packed full of fun obstacles, from tricky stream crossings using wibbly, wobbly bridges, to mazes and swings – how long can you avoid the Crocs for?

crocky-trail4For those not so keen on being active, there’s an easy route around the course which means you can still keep an eye on the kids and join in the fun, but you won’t have to worry about negotiating any of the more challenging obstacles.

A change of clothes, whatever the weather is a great idea, and don’t forget your camera! We’ve got free on site parking, and Crocky Bites is open for food and drink. The Crocky Trail has lots of chairs and benches (many of which are covered), as well as open fields in which you enjoy a picnic in, we’re happy for you to bring your own food with you if you’d prefer to.

crocky-trail-pics-9Some of our large mechanical rides, like The Titanic (how long can you hold on?) and The Superbowl (will you be the one to tap the bucket?) aren’t available to adults on a restricted ticket, but if you want to get stuck in with the kids on our 8 mechanical rides, make sure you go for the full access ticket.

The Crocky Trail is a brilliant family day out, providing good old fashioned fun for children and adults alike. So this summer when you’ve run out of ideas and the kids are starting to look bored, visit the Crocky Trail, for the ultimate summer boredom buster!

You can book your tickets online or find out where we are.