Don’t know ‘Whit’ to do! Try Crocky Soccer

The Crocky Trail offers the whole family some good honest fun in the sun. As far as days out in Chester are concerned to visit the Crocky Trail is to immerse yourself in an all-day adventure, if you haven’t been to visit one of Chesters most popular attractions then you need to come and see some of the new activities and attractions that we have now added. Especially the new ‘Crocky Soccer’ games, designed to challenge and improve your soccer skills.

Crocky Soccer has been developed with the budding footballer in mind. We have the

Volley Goal – Every 3 seconds a ball is shot in the air, and you have to volley it into the goal fantastic training for ball control
Pass Master – You are enclosed in a square pen with a light on each wall, you have to hit the light that has turned green to score a point, speed and agility are required along with good vision and reflexes
Quickfoot Challenge – You stand in the middle of a ring of red lights, as each light comes on you have to touch it with your foot before it goes out to score a point. Lightning reflexes are an added advantage on this game.
Dribble Stick – Using your foot you have to top the dribble stick to control the pixel snake on the screen in front of you to capture the icons on the screen, similar to Pacman.  This Game is not for the faint-hearted it’s not easy but worth the effort improves foot to eye coordination and agility.
Goalie Pit – The England squad could have done with a day on this one. You are either the penalty taker or the goalkeeper, as the goalkeeper, you dive to save the ball into a foam pit giving you complete protection when practicing saving the ball.

There are other games as well you need to visit to find out what they are and how they can work to improve your soccer skills. We think we are the only theme adventure park in the world to have a dedicated soccer improvement section. Come and try it out and let us have your feedback, and we are always open to ideas.