Thank you NHS

hoping to see you soon after covid 19 shutdown

hoping to see you soon

The Crocky Trail is still closed, although we are working very hard for the day that we can reopen our gates. We are optimistic that this will be in the not too distant future and will take place the moment the government give us the green light.

Even though The Crocky Trail naturally lends its self to social distancing, we are going above and beyond to make sure you are safe when you visit us. You will notice the abundance of hand sanitising stations throughout the trail and park. All our staff will be following safety guidelines for both their and your protection.

Once we are open, all tickets must be purchased online. There will be no provision to pay at the gate, allowing us to manage the number of people in the park at any one time. There will be restrictions on the number of available tickets providing ample room for social distancing and allowing our staff to work efficiently under the circumstances. Your safety and that of our team members are paramount at all times. All our safety measures are in place to ensure this is the case.

Our outdoor picnic area will be open; social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times. There will be a limited menu available from our cafe, although the seating area will be closed. All purchases from the cafe need to be made with either a credit or debit card; no cash sales will be taken.

The Crocky Trail has always supported good wholesome family outdoor fun, and we want to continue this as soon as practicably possible. We can’t wait to see you all back at the trail and will continue to make changes to ensure your utmost safety. From everyone at The Crocky Trail ‘Ti’ll, we meet again’ stay safe and look after everyone.

Please continue to visit our website and Facebook page to follow our updates.

Crocky Jokes

Going for a fun day out at The Crocky Trail? Why not start the fun and laughter on the journey there with these hilarious crocodile jokes for all the family.


What do you call a crocodile in a vest?

An investi-gator

Why don’t crocodiles like fast food?

Because they can’t catch it!

What do you call a crocodile with GPS?

A Navi-gator

Who gives crocodiles presents at Christmas?

Santa Jaws

What do you get when you cross a crocodile and a rooster?

A croc-a-doodle-do

Why are crocodiles comedians so funny?

Because their wit is as razor sharp as their teeth

What’s a crocodiles favourite game?


What do you call a crocodile that likes to bowl?

An Alley-gator

What was the nerd crocodiles favourite programming language?


Dad’s go FREE for Father’s Day!

I hope you’ve all remembered that it’s Father’s Day on Sunday! We have – which is why Dad’s go FREE on Sunday! That’s right we said FREE!

What have you got planned for that special Dad?

Why not come to The Crocky Trail as a family. Get more exercise and create more memories – as a family! The kids will love it! And Dad will love it!

Did you know that the average child spends just 5 hours a week playing outside, less than half the 11 hours their parents’ generation enjoyed. Youngsters are missing out getting dirty in the mud and puddles and spending time in the fresh air.

Spend quality time as a family. And this Sunday Dad’s get in FREE!

Book in advance to avoid any queues.

Brainteasers For Kids

Tired of hearing “Are we there yet?” every 30 seconds?

Why not keep the kids entertained on the journey to The Crocky Trail with some brainteasers. We’ve put a few together for you:



1.What gets wetter the more it dries?

2. A cowboy rode into town on Friday. He stayed in town for 3 days and rode out on Friday? How was that possible?

3. What has a face and two hands, but no arms or legs?

4. What has to be broken before you can use it?

5. What belongs to you but is used more by others?

6. What goes up but never comes down?

7. Which is heavier, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?

8. Timmy’s mother had three children. The first was named April, the next was named May. What was the name of the third child?

9. If you are running in a race and pass the person in second place, what place are you in?

10. What kind of coat can only be put on when wet?



1. A towel

2. Friday was the name of the horse!

3. A clock

4. An egg

5. Your name

6. Your age

7. The same – a pound is a pound!

8. Timmy of course!

9. Second place

10. A coat of paint

Jokes For All The Family

Going for a fun day out at The Crocky Trail these school holidays? Why not start the fun and laughter on the journey there with these hilarious jokes for all the family?


What do you call an alligator in a vest?

An Investigator!


How do you make a tissue dance?

Put a little boogey in it!


Why are pirates called pirates?

Because they arrrrr!


What do you call cheese that’s not yours?

Nacho cheese!


What do you get when you cross a fridge with a radio?

Cool music!


What did the stamp say to the envelope?

Stick with me and we will go places!


Why is Basketball such a messy sport?

Because you dribble on the floor!


Where does a tree store their stuff?

In their trunk!


What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!


What animal needs to wear a wig?

A bald eagle!


Why do bees have sticky hair?

Because they use honey combs!


Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?

Because she will let it go!


We thought they were great! For more fun and laughter visit us at The Crocky Trail!

Name The New Crocky Trail Ride To Win A Family Annual Pass!

The Crocky Trail team have been hard at work in order to bring you a brand new ride for 2016, and we want you to name it.

But we must warn you, it’s not for the faint hearted….


Can you guess what it is and are you brave enough to have a go? Well, the new ride takes 3 people at a time so you can always hold a friend or family members hand and you can be amongst the first people to have a go if you come along to The Crocky Trail in the next 2 weeks.

Name The New Crocky Trail Ride

So get your thinking caps on, and see what you can come up with. How about Crocky-Mc-Crock-Face? Or perhaps The Crocky Drop? You get the idea! To enter your name and be in with a chance of winning, you’ll just need to come along, grab a form, and let us know your name, email address and of course the name you’ve come up with.

The Prize

The winner will get a plaque on the ride “Named By….” PLUS an unlimited FREE 12 MONTH FAMILY PASS – you and your family can visit The Crocky Trail as many times as you want, for free all year!

Why not bring your mates with you to show them your plaque!

See you there!

Join The Crocky Trail Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter holidays are nearly here, giving families a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time together. This year, why not bring the whole family for a fun day out at the Crocky Trail adventure playground in Cheshire? It’s not just for kids and there is something for everyone. Read on to find out more.

Easter days out

After the success of previous years, we’re running our annual Easter Egg Hunt, taking place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Easter weekend.

Walk around the trail, find our hidden boards, work out the clue, fill out the form. Every correct form returned to the café wins an Easter Egg, or an ice cream if we run out of eggs!

Every day, we’ll be randomly choosing one lucky winner who will win FREE ACCESS to the Crocky Trail for an entire year!  Just imagine the fun you can have for free all over the summer holidays!

  • Forms can be picked up from the gate or coffee shop.
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Don’t forget to put your name and email address on the form.

Feedback from some recent customers

“The whole place is like a giant assault course and it’s absolutely brilliant! There are loads of ‘rides’, some you spin or swing or twist yourself and others that are mechanical that you need to hold on for dear life before encountering a tummy flipping slide.”

“The actual trail is a mile long walk around a field, there are bridges and planks and poles snaking across a stream in between trees and bushes, broken up by swings and zips and even more climbing things. It’s muddy, slippery and wet which just adds to the whole experience. We had so much fun.”

“We had a brilliant day. Crocky Trail is everything good about being a kid. Outdoors, adventure, excitement, risk taking (within reason,) adrenalin, butterflies in your tummy, running around, getting muddy and lots and lots of fun! We will definitely be visiting again!”

Woodland Scavenger Hunt

Stuck what to do in the summer holidays with the children?

A scavenger hunt can provide hours of fun for your kids. It typically involves a list of things that they will need to find, in order to tick it off their list.

Suitable scavenger hunt items could be anything from finding any fallen leaf through to a twig from a certain tree or a petal from a specific flower. If it’s a rainy day, then simply create a list of household objects that they need to go and find instead, though an outdoors scavenger hunt is always much more fun.

If you don’t fancy creating your own list, then why not download the Crocky Trail woodland walk scavenger hunt here.

Crocky Trail Woodland Scavenger Hunt