Illegal Activity

We have never allowed any illegal activity on the land we operate from and will clamp down on anybody who has abused our trust (or done so without our knowledge). We do not support fox hunting and do not allow it on our site.

What To Do With A Field Of Leftover Pumpkins?


Make some more soup of course, and donate it to Soup Kitchens:

Sisters of Seel St, Liverpool and St Annes Church, ‘City of Sanctuary’ Soup Kitchen.

Thanks to Chris for delivering around 10 litres to each.


of course if it wasn’t for the lovely Tracy and Andrew at Crocky Bites, there wouldn’t have been any pumpkin soup for Chris to take
So thanks Tracy and Andrew

You’ve Not Missed Out Yet


If you didn’t make it this weekend then you don’t have to worry, we are doing it all again next weekend! So get your tickets now so you don’t miss out!

Thur 3rd November (no fireworks)

Full access £11                                 Adult restricted £9

Fri 4th, Sat 5th November (fireworks both nights)

Full access £15                                 Adult restricted £13


Come And Pick Your Own Pumpkin


Have you picked your pumpkin yet?

Here at The Crocky Trail you can come down and pick your own pumpkin from our MASSIVE pumpkin field!

Turn up anytime during the day in advance of Halloween and follow the signs to the pumpkin field. If you want to know what they taste like then why not spend a few hours at The Crocky Trail and try Crocky Bites, where you can sample our home made soup! Yummy!!

They are only £3, and there’s loads of ideas on our Facebook page on how to dress them up for Halloween.




The Crocky Horror Show 2016

Welcome to our new Crocky Horror Event for 2016. We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure this is our scariest and most fun ever Halloween event!

The full trail is closed this year. Instead we have a shortened, 600 yard creepy crawl through the woodland part of the the trail, packed with zombies and monsters for you to enjoy! You are free to enjoy this walk before or after surviving the Catacombs, and of course all the usual rides and attractions are open. Plus regular shows by Ken and his Wall of Death bikes.

In addition to the Crocky Dungeon this year we have the catacombs. It’s around four times bigger than the dungeon. What is it? Well, imagine the usual walk through a haunted house, dark, claustrophobic, creaky and creepy. Add to that Live Actors dressed as ghouls, skeletons, zombies, and monsters, who’s sole purpose is to creep up on you, and, err… you get the idea. It’s brand new for 2016 and still evolving, so we can’t say much more, but you get the idea I’m sure. Or nightmare!

Thursday  27th October (no fireworks)

Full access £11                                 Adult restricted £9

Fri 28th, Sat 29th (fireworks both nights) and Mon 31st October (no fireworks)

Full access £14                                 Adult restricted £12

Thur 3rd November (no fireworks)

Full access £11                                 Adult restricted £9

Fri 4th, Sat 5th November (fireworks both nights)

Full access £15                                 Adult restricted £13





Thank You!

We just wanted to take the time to thank all of our visitors who leave us a review. It is so helpful to us to hear your feedback!

Please keep on letting us know your thoughts and how your day with us has gone. We do really appreciate it 🙂




That’s right. From Wednesday 24th August, through the bank holiday including Monday 29th, if you make your way to Chester train station look out for our mini-bus, and we will bring you to Crocky Trail for free!

To take advantage of this service, you must book your tickets online and tick the time you want to get on the bus and come back (2 options). If you don’t book online, you can’t get on it, as we need to know numbers 🙂

Look for a white minibus, with Crocky Trail logo (probably on door), outside The Queen Hotel just opposite the station.

Look forward to seeing you here. Click the bus below.


WIN a family ticket every Friday of the school holiday!

FamiliesOnline are running a competition during these school holidays for the chance to win an unforgettable family day out at The Crocky Trail every week of the holidays!


The lucky winners could grab themselves a family ticket! All they have to do was enter their contact information on the website and tell them why you’d like to win the ticket – it was as easy as that!

The results are in! And a winner has been chosen! Drum roll please…………

And last week’s winner is…. Rebecca from Warrington! Congratulations!

Here’s what Rebecca said about The Crocky Trail:

“It’s the one place where my multi generation family can go and all be active together. From 3 years old to 77 years old we all love the adventure. Imagine a 77 year old granddad on the titanic…..we have videos to prove it!!!! An amazing place”

Well done Rebecca and family and good luck in this weeks competition to all our local families.

If you want to be in with a chance to be the next winner of a family ticket to Crocky Trail then visit here.

Our New Wonderland Garden

Have you seen our latest addition?

DSC_1606If the younger ones are bored watching the older ones on the big things then why not take them on a hunt for their favourite characters in our new Wonderland Garden. It’s ideal for under 5s!

Wonderland has many little houses with lots of little hiding places where the kids can search for all of the hidden figures.

DSC_1609We also think its great for you mums and dads too! It provides you with a chill zone – there are places for adults to sit so you could easily take a tea/coffee along with you and spend 20 minutes having a break. The whole area is fenced – so no need to worry about your little one wandering off.

DSC_1602We think it’s a great new addition to The Crocky Trail – adding to “there’s something for everybody to do”

So are the young ones up for the challenge of finding all the hidden figures? Are you up for the challenge of having a 20 minute tea break?

Book your tickets here and don’t forget to check out Wonderland.

Teacuptoria Blog

This year we have some great new ambassadors that have joined The Crocky Trail to help us show you what a great day out it is with us.


We thought we would share one of our ambassadors latest blog!


If you haven’t visited The Crocky Trail near Chester then seriously….. why ever not?!

Seb and I were introduced to this fantastic place when he was five and another five years on, we’re still going back.

When we were asked to become ambassadors and help promote the trail by writing reviews, we jumped at the chance.

If I was asked to describe Crocky Trail, I’d call it…..good, old fashioned, laugh your socks off, sweat your pants off fun!  

In fact…think of ‘It’s a Knock Out’ and a kids adventure trail, all in one fun field and you’re nearly half way there.

By the end of the day…..the kids will be dirty, sweaty, tired and smiling….it’s sooooo our kind of place!

So in the half term holidays we assembled a crew of Seb’s friends.  Two of them had been before and one was a complete newbie.  He was a little apprehensive of what the day would entail but super excited to find out too.

To help show you how amazing this place is, we decided to take lots of photos and film clips of some of the rides, so you can see for yourself how much fun they are.

(Please forgive my terrible filming skills – I appear to have my iphone the wrong way!)

For all of the photos and videos please see the full blog here.

So if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, fun day out in the North West, seriously you MUST try Crocky Trail.  I don’t know anyone that has been there and ever been disappointed.