For the perfect adventure come prepared, wearing the right shoes can help you have a great day

We know you are going to have a fabulous time when you spend a day with us here at the Crocky Trail. And our greatest wish is that you have an exciting and exhilarating few hours before leaving to go home safe and sound.

Crocky Trail Footwear Tips

We do realise, however that not all activities are suitable for all people – so adults with the standard ‘Trail Pass’ will find that the day can be spent safely with just moderate challenges. It is indeed a Walk in the Park.

For more athletic individuals who want to keep up with the kids you can opt for the ‘Trail Plus Pass’. This is fantastic fun but we urge you to be aware that you are going to be facing activities demanding a lot more physical fitness and flexibility.

So, just as it’s sensible to ‘warm up’ when playing a sport or going to the gym, do the same before launching into the Crocky Trail activities. You’ll love the experience all the more!

The surfaces you will encounter range from smooth synthetic surfaces on some of the activities and rides to stoned and gravelled walkways to natural grassy (and sometimes muddy!) areas.

Remember! You need to be comfortable and stable in your footwear.

What’s the right footwear choice?

“Whats shoes should I wear?”
For adults we would suggest to think “grip & ankle support”
For children grip is the most important question.
You might find our observations bellow helpful.”

Ideal choice

Ideal choice (kids version)

Very slippery sole for our covered attractions

Not good for challenging terrain, possible ankle twisting

Neutral performance, stable heel yet no support.

Poor grip, poor support

Not good for challenging terrain, possible ankle twisting


Poor grip, poor support

You will not be allowed on rides with open shoes

Not good for challenging terrain, possible ankle twisting
You will not be allowed on rides with open shoes
Bad Idea.
Not appropriate. Bad idea.

Good for your ankles but can prove slippery on the rides
Great for the little ones

And finally….

We strongly advise that you pop a spare change of clothes in the boot of the car. On muddy or wet days in particular, a fresh set of clothes and shoes to travel home in will ensure you end the day in comfort.