Mums go free…

mums-go-free-2016-2The 6th of March is fast approaching. It is the day where we should all make the effort for that special lady in our lives. Can you guess what day it is……. Yes, that’s right, Mother’s Day!

We thought we would find some fun Mother’s day facts for you to use and wow these special ladies.

  1. “Mothering Sunday” dates back to the 16th century
  2. Phone calls increase up to 37% on Mother’s Day.
  3. There are approximately 2 billion mothers in the world, with 4 babies born each second.
  4. About 80% of Mother’s day cards are purchased by women.
  5. In the vast majority of the world’s languages, the word for “Mother” begins with the letter M.

But we think we’ve left the best Mother’s Day fact until last….

Mums go free to The Crocky Trail on Mother’s Day!

So what are you treating Mum to this year? Why not join us for a fun day making more great family memories.  Take time to recognize your Mum on Mothers Day.



Terms and Conditions:

Each free mum must be accompanied by at least one child.