The Crocky Trail provides teachers with a unique learning experience that covers all aspects of the curriculum. From physical education to learning about nature and the environment, children will be able to let their imaginations run wild as they enjoy the thrill of being in the great outdoors.

A local education enterprise based in Liverpool now sends groups of students from schools around the north-west to the Crocky Trail as part of a BTec and GCSE Sports Qualification.

In addition, hundreds of young people (from age 6 up to college students) come to the Crocky Trail every year on organised trips. Several members of our team are CRB checked and are experienced youth workers or teachers who can give you a hand if required.


We charge £10 for students on school trips, and staff are now free. Staff are permitted to use a selection of our rides .

This price also applies to other organisations and large groups, over 40 people, such as Scouts and Guides.


For other groups of 10 people or more our admission charge is £13 per young person and £8 per adult, so a saving of £20 on the smallest group of 10 people.  You can also include Concessions at just £7.

You can pay on the day or in advance by card, by phone. Our online form does not allow group bookings.

We also offer NHS/Police/Fire and Armed Forces Adult Trail tickets for £7.00

Please get in touch for further information or to discuss your school/group requirements.

We will be happy to send copies of the summary of our risk assessment and our public liability insurance. Please speak to our manager Phil on

Some additional guidance for school and college staff whilst with groups of students at the Crocky Trail

Here at the Crocky Trail, we have had the privilege over the years of seeing 1000’s of kids from the age of 5 right up to A-level students enjoy a few hours in the fresh air while getting a buzz from an exciting activity. Set in over 30 acres of rolling countryside the trail follows and crisscrosses a stream with numerous other challenges en route for the adventurous. A well surfaced path avoiding the obstacles is also available. The main park area near the entrance contains the majority of the large (and motorised) rides.

There is, of course, a full risk assessment in place and available (usually sent by email) however for the peace of mind of teachers and parents we have a few practical guidelines which will help to ensure a safe and fulfilling visit.

  • Please ask Crocky Trail staff for help if you are not sure about, for example how a ride should be used, if it’s suitable for individual students, how many people can use the ride at once etc.
  • Please be aware that most school groups will require your supervision, at all times as well as that of Crocky Trail staff.
  • Children/Students need to pay attention and heed the advice given by Crocky Trail staff.
  • Children/Students should not be encouraged to go into or jump over the stream (around the Trail)
  • Clothing should, in general, include long sleeved tops and long trousers/jogging pants/jeans. The best footwear is good grip trainers or boots, no open-toed sandals.
  • The Crocky Trail is an outside activity, and although some rides are undercover, there is a strong likelihood of all surfaces becoming more slippery in wet weather.
  • Please leave your contact phone number with gate staff in case we need to reach you during the visit.
  • If any help needed while away from the entrance call…

01244 336084


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